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The Limina collective have hosted an annual conference since 1996.

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Program and Schedule

Please find the program and schedule for the 2015 Limina Conference in the PDF file below.

Public Lecture

Professor Graham Brown will give a public lecture on Thursday the 18th of June 2015 at The University of Western Australia to open the conference. The lecture is at 6pm at Woolnough Lecture Theatre, in the Geology Building. The lecture is free, but RSVP is essential.

Graham Brown is a political scientist with research interests in equality and political mobilisation in Southeast Asia. Graham’s academic broader interest includes the structure of the development industry and the intersection between academics, evidence, and policy. He is a professor of International Development at The University of Western Australia.

Professor Brown's lecture is entitled 'Why is religious violence on the rise?'.

This talk will take a critical look at the rise of religious violence around the world. In mainstream and popular academic discourse, it is often presumed that religious violence has been on the rise. Yet accurately characterising what constitutes 'religious violence' turns out to be more difficult that one might assume. This talk will challenge this presumption on two grounds. Firstly, Professor Brown will argue that much of the 'rise' of religious conflict lies in the eye of the beholder: it is not so much that religious conflict is on the rise, but that conflict is being interpreted as religious. Secondly, using statistical analysis, he will argue that the main mechanisms through which popular accounts explain the rise of religious violence are wrong. He will conclude by suggesting that while there are clearly contemporary religiously-informed conflicts around the world that are of great geo-strategic importance, we should not extrapolate from this a more general trend towards understanding contemporary conflict as religious and that we need better theories of when, how, and why religion becomes a driving factor in violence. 

Note: Conference presenters are not required to attend the public lecture but it is desirable.


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The keynote ‘mini panel’ will be comprised of two speakers, Gina Pickering from The National Trust of Australia and Brenda Walker a novelist and academic at UWA. The aim is to explore two different angles of engagement with the past and possibilities for the future. 

Brenda Walker is a novelist and a professor of American and Australian Literature and Creative Writing currently based at The University of Western Australia. Brenda is the author of the novels Crush (1991), One More River (1993), Poe's Cat (1999) and The Wing of Night (2005). The latter and her memoir of reading and healing, Reading by Moonlight (2010), won numerous awards.
Gina Pickering combines cultural heritage qualifications with a broadcast television background at the National Trust of Australia (WA). She has developed interpretation plans for state listed heritage places in WA since 2002 and has managed and delivered productions for interpretive centres, museums, and public spaces in WA and Queensland since 2000. Over the past decade, Gina has written and directed a range of short documentaries.

The titles of the talks are forthcoming.


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Fees and Registration

The 2015 Limina Conference fee is $55.

The Limina Conference fee includes:

  • Conference registration
  • Conference welcome pack
  • Morning and afternoon tea, lunch and sundowner (with drinks and canapés)

Note: The Limina Collective has a limited number of bursaries available for presenters and attendees. Please see Bursaries for more detail.


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Limited bursaries are available for postgraduate students attending the conference. Preference will be given to applicants presenting paper at the conference, but applications may be made for attendance only. Applicants should send an email to [email protected].


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Call For Papers

Held at the University of Western Australia, the conference aims to foster a supportive environment in which postgraduates and early career researchers can present their work. The Limina Editorial Collective is calling for conference submissions from postgraduates and early career researchers in the Humanities and Social Sciences which engage with the theme of ’Think Forward Look Back’.
Topics may include (but are not limited to):

  • Gender and/or sexuality

  • Digital and/or popular culture
  • Literary Criticism
  • Cultural theory
  • Australian history
  • National mythologies
  • Social and public policy
  • Digital heritage
We encourage people to resist traditional disciplinary boundaries by examining:
  • Evolving and emerging identities and/or narrative
  • Language transformation
  • Re-visioning education
  • Reimagining academia
  • Designing for the future
We welcome presentations of 20 minutes, followed by 10 minutes of discussion time. All submissions should include a title, biography, and abstract of no more than 250 words in MS Word or RTF Format.
Conference presenters will have the opportunity to publish a peer-reviewed article in an edition of the journal (with an anticipated publication date of December 2015).

Please submit abstracts to [email protected].

FINAL abstract submission date: 13 May 2015.


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