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The Limina Collective hosts a series of events throughout the year with the aim of encouraging networking and collaboration.

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Annual conference

Limina hold an annual conference where current postgraduate students and early career researchers can present their research in a supportive environment. The conference focuses on a particular theme within the historical and cultural studies discipline and features a keynote presentation by a prominent international academic.

Date my thesis

In the past, Limina has held this free annual event as a fun hour of networking, wine and nibbles spoofing the speed-dating phenomenon. People had the opportunity to share their thesis topic, ideas, and thoughts with their peers, listen to what others were working on, and build a network of potential allies for their future academic career.

Movie night

Movie night has been one of our fundraising events. In the past, collective members and supporters have gathered at the Windsor Cinema, Nedlands, for food, wine, and a latest release.


Limina: A Journal of Historical and Cultural Studies

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