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Limina welcomes submissions from all researchers, and particularly encourages submissions from postgraduate researchers.

We are committed to publishing the work of postgraduate students and early career researchers, realising the importance of developing an early publication record. We encourage interdisciplinary material (e.g. philosophy, music, anthropology) and are open to speculative, topical or non-traditional approaches in addition to more traditional papers. 

The Limina Collective recognise that the Covid-19 Pandemic has significantly disrupted the lives of many. For us, this means that the time frames within which article submissions are reviewed and processed for publication has shifted in order to flexibly respond to the different demands placed on our authors, peer-reviewers, and Committee members. We ask for your patience during this time, and your understanding that there will be delays to Limina’s publication schedule as a result.


  1. Call For Papers
  2. Submissions (Articles, Book Reviews)
  3. Peer Review Process

Call For Papers

  • You can now submit papers for consideration for publication in the general edition. Papers submitted before March of the year will be given priority for that year's general edition. Please see below for further information on how to submit.


Limina publishes two volumes per year: a themed edition and a general edition. The themed edition takes its topic from the Limina annual conference , but article submissions are not limited to conference presenters. The general edition is open for submission throughout the year.

Each edition comprises articles and academic reviews of recently published books within the arts, humanities, and social sciences.  


Limina publishes scholarly articles of 5000 to 7000 words from any field within the humanities and social sciences. Please refer to the editorial policy for comprehensive details of the appraisal process, and the style guide for information on the correct format for submissions. Authors retain copyright of their articles and may republish them anywhere provided that Limina is acknowledged as the original place of publication.

Submit your article as an email attachment in MS Word format to Limina Journal. In a separate document, please also provide:

  • your name
  • your email address
  • your institutional affiliation
  • the title of the article
  • a 150 word abstract
  • list a minimum of 8 keywords for your article
  • a statement certifying that this article is not under consideration elsewhere


Limina journal now welcomes ‘Perspectives’ submissions. This is an opportunity to contribute shorter pieces that fall outside of the scope of peer-reviewed articles and book/cultural reviews. Submissions should provide a more personal perspective on aspects of academic research, or new perspectives on broader conversations in academic and public spheres. ‘Perspectives’ may:

  • review literature of current research on a topic
  • outline current problems or questions raised in topical discourse or current research areas
  • propose potential research that should be undertaken
  • respond to previous Limina articles
  • respond to or critique current ideas and events 
  • explain to a general audience the significance of your topic

Submissions should be:

  • no longer than 2,000 words
  • referenced according to the Limina guidelines
  • in MS Word format
  • include your name, email address, institutional affiliation, and statement certifying that the piece is not under consideration elsewhere.

'Perspectives' are not subject to peer-review. Please email us to discuss the suitability of your idea for the ‘Perspectives’ section at [email protected]

Book and Cultural Reviews

Reviews (800 words) of works published, performed, or broadcast within the past two years are welcome (no footnotes allowed). We're looking for reviews of books, film, television, theatre, art, and cultural events. Submit your inquiries regarding book and cultural reviews to [email protected] 

The books available for review are displayed on the Limina Facebook page. Alternatively, you may email the Book Reviews Editor with a suggestion for a book you are interested in reviewing. Should you be unable to obtain a copy of the book yourself, we may be able to source it for you.

Article Processing Charges

Limina does not charge an Article Processing Charge (APC) or Article Submission Charge.

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Peer Review Process

Limina adopts a double-blind peer-review process. We depend on esteemed academics and professorial staff from Australia and worldwide to referee submissions and seek to provide the submitting postgraduate or early career researcher with prompt evaluation and an efficient publication process.

All articles submitted to Limina are reviewed by three members of the Editorial Collective. When an article is accepted by at least two reviewers, authors are sent feedback and are required to submit a revised article. Revised articles are then sent to peer reviewers.

The Editorial Collective collates the referee's reports and recommendations and decides if the article is acceptable in its present form; suitable for publication if amended according to referee's comments attached; unsuitable for publication in its present form but requires revision and re-submission in order to be re-refereed; or declined. Thereafter, authors are given roughly six weeks to resubmit their article.

Each article is carefully approved and copy-edited by the Editorial Collective before publication.

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Limina: A Journal of Historical and Cultural Studies

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