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All volumes of Limina are available online.

Volumes 16 to 28 and two Special Editions are available on this page. Volumes 1 to 15 are available in our archive.

Volume 28.2 (2023)

Volume 28.2 is Limina's special issue on Monsters, following our 2022 conference theme. It features three new articles, creative writing, and book reviews.

Volume 28.1 (2023)

Volume 28.1 of Limina: a Journal of Historical and Cultural Studies contains a new historical research article, creative writing, and book reviews.

Volume 27.2 (2022)

Volume 27.2 of Limina: a Journal of Historical and Cultural Studies is one of our biggest issues yet. It features seven papers from the 15th Annual Limina Conference, Adaptations, held in September 2021.

Volume 27.1 (2021)

Issue 27.1 of Limina: a Journal of Historical and Cultural Studies is a special Creative Writing issue, with poetry, fiction, drama, and our usual book reviews.

Volume 26.2 (2021)

Issue 26.2 of Limina: a Journal of Historical and Cultural Studies is a general issue, but it is one that presents articles that speak to women and feminist issues.

Volume 26.1 (2020) 

This issue presents papers from the 14th Annual Limina Conference, Humanifesto: dissecting the human experience, held on 19 July 2019. 

Volume 25.1 (2019) 

Limina 25.1 is a General Edition. We have the pleasure of publishing three papers that are fitting examples of the diversity of thought in historical and cultural studies.

Volume 24.2 (2019) 

Volume 24.2 of Limina is a themed edition, featuring articles presented at our 13th annual conference, `Home: Belonging and Displacement?. The theme emerged from the desire to understand what `home? means to the local, interstate, and international researchers who regularly attend our conferences?many of whom were born in one place and grew up in another, whose family live in a third place, and whose research takes them to still further possibilities of home.

Volume 24.1 (2018) 

Volume 24.1 is a general edition, bringing together a collection of articles that all happen to feature novels ? but in keeping with the interdisciplinary nature of this journal, the similarities end there. From Dickensian London to rural Australia to neo-colonial Palestine to the mind of a machine, we hope you will enjoy this edition of Limina journal.

Volume 23.2 (2018)

Volume 23.2 of Limina is a themed edition, featuring articles presented at our 12th annual conference `Memory: Myth and Modernity?, held on the 27?28 July, 2017. These articles showcase the interdisciplinary nature of the conference, with interpretations of memory through the lenses of history, literature, trauma theory, forensic archaeology, and creative writing.

Volume 23.1 (2017)

Volume 23.1 of Limina is a general edition, featuring one article and four book reviews. In keeping with Limina?s interdisciplinary nature, the contributions in this edition are varied in their subject matter. They touch upon law, culture, history, prose, and ecology. Like previous general editions that Limina has published, this one provides a forum for authors whose work transcends traditional discipline boundaries.  

Volume 22.2 Special Edition: New Histories of Law, Power and Governance (2017)

This Special Edition emerges from papers presented at the 2016 inaugural Griffith University PhD History Symposium held in Brisbane. This edition includes articles exploring a diverse range of topics relating to law, power, and governance at local, national, and transnational levels. It includes topics on the development of law; political resistance to dominant hegemonic aspects of governance; and the history of ideas.

Volume 22.1 Beyond Boundaries: Recognition, Tolerance, Change (2016)

Volume 22.1 of Limina is a themed edition, featuring articles from, and influenced by, our 2016 conference `Beyond Boundaries: Recognition, Tolerance, Change?. This conference brought together international and domestic scholars from fields as diverse as history, creative writing, philosophy, social science, archaeology, as well as several others. 

Volume 21.2 (2016)

Articles in this edition range from 1950s gender roles in the Australian Women?s Weekly; an examination of the theatrical genre of Dutch cabaret in modern society; literary explorations of author Alasdair Gray?s investigation of metafiction in his own work; a comparative look at the ecopoetics of William Carlos Williams and John Mateer; perceptions of the `moral geography? of the eighteenth-century Islamic Ottoman Empire.

Volume 21.1: Think Forward Look Back (2015)

Includes articles on: Disability and care in children's literature, homonationalism and imperialist Islamophobia in the asylum-seeking process, and the aural expression of colonial power in eighteenth-century Australia. In Volume 21.1 Limina introduces 'creative submissions' with the aim of showcasing creative writing as research. Includes creative work: 'Summerlands', on the Lithuanian migrant experience to Australia, and the function of traumatic memory.

Volume 20.3 Special Edition: A Festschrift in Memory of Philippa Maddern (2015)

This volume includes articles on: the propaganda wars between Yorkists and Lancastrians, trade during the English Civil War, the emotional content of the libretto, Richard Rolle's use of erotic imagery and romantic metaphor in The Form of Living, the emotional experience of children married underage in 16th century England, the political interests of the Scandinavian Kings of York, apes in the margins Gothic devotional prayer books, 'trust' as a useful category for historical analysis.

Volume 20.2: Fear and Loathing (2014)

The articles in this volume explore the concepts of `fear? and `loathing? in relation to music, politics, (gender) identity and creative expression. The volume also includes a number of book reviews and cultural studies reviews.

Volume 20.1 (2014)

Includes articles on the psychedelic sixties, trauma in the literature of Deirdre Madden, the Singapore Chapel Party controversy, print media coverage of the White Australia policy, a critical reading of Genesis XXII and a comparative reading of Jacques Derrida and Sherman Alexie. In Volume 20.1 Limina introduces 'Cultural Reviews' to complement the existing 'Book Reviews' section of the journal. 

Volume 19.2, Special Edition: Receptions (2013)

This Special Edition presents a selection of papers from a conference held at the University of Western Australia in August, 2012. Co-sponsored by the Centre for Medieval and Early Modern Studies and the Perth Medieval and Renaissance Group, it sought to explore cultural appropriations in, by and of the medieval and early modern world, across a range of disciplines.

Volume 19.1 (2013)

The articles in this volume explore the theme of 'Exclusivity: Boundaries of Difference'. They include Hannah Lili Boettcher's Iain Brash Prize-winning article, 'London's (Migrant) Villages within the Metropolis'.

Volume 18.2, Special Edition: Humanising Collaboration (2012)

A selection of papers originally presented at the 7th Annual Conference - 'Humanising Collaboration' - held at the University of Western Australia in June 2012.

Volume 18.1 (2012)

Articles on bell hooks, contemporary portrayals of women in India and Ghana, African resistance to slavery in Jamaica, Mona Loy's poetry, and an interview with Winthrop Professor Susan Broomhall.

Volume 17.1 (2011)

Includes articles on queer history, memory and identity in the middle ages, along with interviews with Brett Hirsch, who discusses digital humanities, and Frances Flanagan.

Volume 16.1 (2010)

Features an interview with Winthrop Professor Philip Mead, on 'Stories of the past, stories for the future', and Iain Brash Prize-winning article 'Simmel, Heidegger and the Present Now'. 

Limina started publication in 1995 and since 2005 has existed solely in electronic format. 


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