Limina: A Journal of Historical and Cultural Studies

Volume 20.2 (2014): 'Fear and Loathing'

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Includes articles on: identity in Tom Cho’s Look Who’s Morphing, the concept of ‘leadership’ in contemporary Western societies, the 'attention economy' in Michel Houellebecq's novels, parrhesia in Chaucer’s The Tale of Melibee, coming of age in the late-Harlem bildungsroman, matrilineal genealogies in Margaret Walker’s neo-slave narrative Jubilee, celebrations of female desire in Louise Labé’s sonnets and an analysis of hyper-heteromasculinity in 1970s Australian music cultures.



Volume 20.2, 2014: 'Fear and Loathing' by Steven de Haer and Colleen Harmer


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Colleen Harmer

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Amy Hilhorst

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Steven de Haer

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Alejandro Tearney

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