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Volumes 1 to 15 of Limina and a Special Edition for 2007 are listed here. 

Volume 15 (2009)

Includes Iain Brash Prize Winning article, 'In her own margins: Kate Grenville's Searching for the Secret River as marginalia to The Secret River', and an interview with creative writer Stefan Laszczuk.

Volume 14 (2008)

Includes an interview with environmental historian Robert Lambert and articles on the colonial texts of Lucy Gray, newspapers and nationalism, and Gilles Deleuze.

Volume 13 (2007)

Articles on Wordsworth's 'Tintern Abbey', the supernatural fiction of M. R. James, the commodification of Cambodia's architectural heritage, and an environmental history of an Australian suburb.

Special Edition:
On The Beach (2007)

A series of papers from Limina’s first conference – 'On the Beach: Liminal Spaces in Historical and Cultural Contexts' – which was held at the University of Western Australia in May 2006.

Volume 12 (2006)

Articles on feminism and international law, nomad peoples of Western Australia, the impact of Aboriginal food on South Australian settlers, and Girl Guides and citizenship.

Volume 11 (2005)

Includes Iain Brash Prize winning article, 'Constructing Holocaust Consciousness: Early American Political Debates on the Genocide Convention', along with articles on Bhangra music, and feminism in Ang Lee's Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

Volume 10 (2004)

Includes an interview with historian Patricia Crawford and articles on Wuthering Heights, women's bodybuilding, and representations of the Holocaust in Life is Beautiful.

Volume 9 (2003)

Articles on the Victorian occult revival, the Mozambican Revolution, and Iain Brash prize winning article, 'Dick Smith and American Pie: The Great Divide?'.

Volume 8 (2002)

Includes an interview with historian Henry Reynolds, and a series of reflections and recollections dedicated to the memory of Professor Frank Broeze.

Volume 7 (2001)

Articles on masculinity, The Bulletin, debates surrounding National Service Training in Australia, and the Iain Brash Prize winning article, 'Engendering Scientific Pursuits: Australian Women and Science, 1880-1960'.

Volume 6 (2000)

Includes Iain Brash Prize winning article 'Empowering African-American Manhood, Empowering African-American Politics' and a highly commended article exploring 'Gramsci’s Concept of Hegemony and Social Formation in Early Colonial Queensland'.

Volume 5 (1999)

Articles on Italian prisoners of war in New South Wales, pornography and popular culture, and Inter-War British women's travel writing.

Volume 4 (1998)

Includes an interviews with two eminent and highly influential Australian historians, Marilyn Lake and Geoffrey Bolton.

Volume 3 (1997)

Articles on Italian and Croatian immigrants to Western Australia, primate visions and the Perth Zoo orang-utans, and Australian views of post-war London.

Volume 2 (1996)

Includes articles on postmodern historiography, Australian republicanism, Aboriginal history, and an interview with Professor Michael Roe.

Volume 1 (1995)

The inaugural issue of Limina includes an interview with Professor Trish Crawford, who became the first female professor appointed to the History Department of UWA in 1995.

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