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Adam Andreotta

The University of Western Australia 

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Volume 23.1 of Limina is a general edition, featuring one article and four book reviews. In keeping with Limina’s interdisciplinary nature, the contributions in this edition are varied in their subject matter. They touch upon law, culture, history, prose, and ecology. Like previous general editions that Limina has published, this one provides a forum for authors whose work transcends traditional discipline boundaries.   

Volume 23.1 begins with Greg Swensen’s article ‘The Management of Public Drunkenness in Western Australia: Policing the Unpoliceable?’ This paper examines the role that the criminal justice system has played in managing public order with respect to the problematic use of alcohol in Western Australia—from the time of the British colony in the 1830s to the present. Swensen provides critical commentary on some of our contemporary laws, and argues against returning to the discredited policies of earlier times.

Volume 23.1 also contains four book reviews. Sally Dammery’s First Blood: A Cultural Study of Menarche is reviewed by Kathryn Imray; Darren Jorgensen’s & Ian McLean’s (editors) Indigenous Archives: The Making and Unmaking of Indigenous Art is reviewed by David Moore; Liz Byrski’s & Rachel Robertson’s (editors) Purple Prose is reviewed by Jessica Murray; and Thomas M. Wilson’s Stepping Off: Rewilding and Belonging in the South-West is reviewed by Amy Budrikis.

The article and reviews that feature in Volume 23.1 are consonant with Limina’s interdisciplinary nature, as well as its aim of providing researchers with a place to publish work which transcends traditional disciplinary boundaries. We hope you find these selections rewarding and enjoyable.

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Limina: A Journal of Historical and Cultural Studies

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