Limina: A Journal of Historical and Cultural Studies

Volume 26.2 (2021)

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Updated 2 Aug 2021


Volume 26.2

This issue of Limina: a Journal of Historical and Cultural Studies presents two articles that speak to women/feminist issues and to raising or re-imagining the female voice. Svea Hundertmark’s article examines the reimagined female villain’s voice and representation in fairy tales, through their analysis of Disney’s Maleficent (2014). WhiteFeather Hunter provides insight into the history, identification, and ‘devianceness’ of contemporary technofeminist witches through a consideration of feminist scholars and witchcraft historiographers. Both of these articles highlight longstanding issues in the representation of womanhood and femininity, through fairy-tales and rape-culture, in the case of Hundertmark’s article, and the on-going battle around the autonomy of women’s bodies.


Volume 26.2, 2021: Introduction by Caitlan Smith


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