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Chris Arnold

University of Western Australia

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Good KARMA: Détourning the Reading Device in Electronic Literature

My creative writing project, Zero Day, is a verse novel in three parts. Part Three, the form of which is the subject of this paper, was written to be displayed on the phones of nearby observers, preferably without their consent. To achieve this last, I selected the KARMA attack as my vector. A KARMA attack is used to create a rogue wireless network—put simply, the book will advertise a wireless network that looks like one the reader’s phone already recognises. Despite rogue wireless networks being passive exploits, I hope that the form will contribute an element of surprise, contribute to what Zero might say about its geopolitical situation, and contribute to the reader’s understanding of their digital risk profile. I’ll be arguing cases for these three points.

Keywords: Electronic Literature; Creative Writing; Information Security; Poetry and Poetics; Writing Built Environments; Psychogeography; Détournement

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