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Volume 18.2, Special Edition (2013): 'Humanising Collaboration' by Rukmini Pande and Crystal Abidin

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Special Edition (2013): 'Humanising Collaboration'

This special edition of Limina is a selection of papers originally presented at our 7th Annual Conference, held at the University of Western Australia (UWA) on the 7th of June 2012. Four papers were subsequently rewritten and refereed for publication. The conference was organised around the theme of 'Humanising Collaboration' and the papers presented truly pushed that notion to its limits.  In recent times collaboration has become quite the buzzword, especially in academic circles.

As the pressure to publish on individual researchers grows, joint initiatives are catching on, even in hitherto more individual-based disciplines in the Humanities. In this atmosphere we thought it would be interesting to examine the nature and multiple resonances of the term, and the responses to our call for papers spanned a remarkable range of possibilities. Among the notions interrogated were questions like: What is the nature of collaboration? Where is it possible? Is it always ethical? Can university structures be changed to facilitate it? All the papers prompted vibrant discussion that was culturally and historically nuanced while remaining extremely relevant to the current debates about the changing nature of academia and its function in society.

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