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Rebecca Repper

The University of Western Australia 

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In this General Edition of Limina (25.1) we have the pleasure of publishing three papers that are fitting examples of the diversity of thought in historical and cultural studies.

The first, 'The Kariba Dam, Discursive Displacements and the Politics of Appropriating a Waterscape in Zimbabwe, 1950s-2017', by Terence M Mashingaidze, explores identity erasing, making, and rebuilding associated with the historical displacement of the Tonga of Zimbabwe through the building of the Kariba Dam. Mashingaidze's analysis draws on historical, literary and modern political contexts, and demonstrates how experiences of displacement and belonging are fluid with longlasting real impacts on identity and community.

The second, 'In and Out of the "Black Mirror"; an Ideological Investigation into "Nosedive"', by Abdolali Yazdizadeh, is a reading of an episode of the popular Netflix series Black Mirror through the lens of 'hyperreality' as posited by French cultural theorist Jean Baudrillard. Yazdizadeh's analysis draws parallels with other popular Science Fiction television and film productions and builds a compelling argument regarding the American character of the episode, especially in the context of its use of social media.

The third, 'Entertaining Australia in the Interwar Years: Cultural Representations of Proportional Little Show People', by Etienne Boumans, is an examination of the representation in Australia of show people affected by growth hormone deficiency, up until the mid-twentieth century. Boumans presents a wealth of published material from newspapers and an auto-biography of one of the touring performers, Willie Rolle, in order to examine their agency and identity in the public gaze as distinct from other touring 'spectacles'.

We also feature three book reviews: Jo Hawkins, Consuming ANZAC: The History of Australia's Most Powerful Brand, reviewed by Troy Rule; Robert Wood, Suburbanism: Poetics, reviewed by Ni Fan; and Margaret Atwood, The Testaments, reviewed by Laura Collier.

Our cover features a photographic image of the Kariba Dam taken in 1982 by Dr. D. Jaeger, the original negative ' De Kariba dam in de Zambezi rivier tussen Zambia en Zimbabwe' is held by the Collectie Stichting Nationaal Museum van Wereldculturen.

We hope you enjoy the latest edition of Limina.

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